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Corporate Social Responsibility

We accept the challenge


Corporate responsibility of the Spindeldoctor

Our economic success and growth also increase our responsibility for people and the environment. Our employees have been committed to charitable causes for many years and are supported in a variety of ways by EGIN-HEINISCH GmbH & Co. KG. The company itself follows the good example of individuals. We want to live up to our responsibility and social commitment to the people in our company, but also to the people in the region and the environment, and are therefore involved in various projects.

An overview of our diverse commitment, the background and the funded projects can be found here.

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Antje Drews-Shokr

Marketing - Kommunikation

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Helping is better than arguing.

Being in the right? Upholding own interests? Having the hassle? At the Spindeldoctor we try to avoid all of this.

Our motto is: helping is better than arguing.

What´s it all about? In the first place we talk about incidental warranty cases. The situation is not always clear and we do not see ourselves in a clear guarantee obligation. On the other hand we feel the duty to a gesture of goodwill. That is why we are starting a special action.

Helping is better than arguing means, that we handle disputes as warranty cases. Unconditionally. And without discussion. In exchange, our customers donate 50 percent of the regular price to a children‘s hospice.



We are sponsors and supporters of various associations in our region.