Our management sees itself as a driving force: with passion, foresight and always creative ideas.

We deliberately do not speak of an executive floor, but of orderly hands and visionaries. There is a lively exchange between our management and the individual departments. We listen, we think along and together with our employees we always find the right solution for our customers. And all without the executive doors, but in the sense of a functioning and harmonious team play.

Berna Egin-Heinisch


CEO Berna Egin-Heinisch
COO Wolfgang Heinisch

Wolfgang Heinisch


Berkant Egin

Berkant Egin

Benjamin Aram


Benjamin Aram


More than the sum of its parts. EGIN-HEINISCH means teamwork. Within the company and with each other.


Our company consists of four parts: The Spindeldoctor, EH ServiceCompany, EH Factory and EH Spindelshop24.

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