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The Spindeldoctor Blog


Real heavyweights – no problem for us

By the way, we will support you with spindles for boring mills or turning machines with an  unit weight up to 5.000 kilograms as well as huge driling, milling and grinding spindles with a diameter between 200 and 2.000 millimetres and a length of 1.000 up to 5.000 millimetres. We love particular challenges and ensure […]


Our tungsten carbide technique

Although the knowledge has existed for more than a hundred years, the spindle manufacturers seem to ignore the possibility of hardening with tungsten carbide. The Spindeldoctor comes up with a remedy and increases the hardness of a spindle‘s cone. The advantage lies in less abrasion and a longer service life of the spindle. Of course our technique is extensively proven in practice – with a remarkable success.


Industrie 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things in spindle technology

With our clever sensor systems we are creating a solid basis for a comprehensive evaluation of spindle data. The result is a better utilization as well as an enormous improvement of efficiency. Don‘t worry: of course there is no need of switching off the old metal cutting machines. With clever tricks we are able to bring them up-to-date. This can be carried out as a part of spindle repair or maintenance.