Facility Management with Passion – People at Spindeldoctor: Jeroen Rensen

When Jeroen Rensen makes his rounds at the SPINDELDOCTOR, he usually has his cleaning machine firmly in hand. Wiping off shoes or walking in socks is not enough at the SPINDELDOCTOR! It's just like in the operating room: Dust doesn't belong there! And certainly not chips!
Where spindles, i.e. highly sensitive parts where every micrometer, i.e. every "µ" counts, are exposed because they are being disassembled, repaired and assembled, every grain of dust is a danger. Any particle, no matter how small, could cause damage. To ensure that this never happens, the "disinfector" – pardon: facility manager at SPINDELDOCTOR takes care of hygiene: Jeroen Rensen not only looks like Master Propper, he is at least as uncompromising! He, his machines and the underfloor heating system are unbeatable as a team in preventing the smallest particles from being stirred up.
Maintaining the heating system and ventilation is as much a part of his job as the daily use of cleaning machines that leave no chance for even the smallest particles. He used to work as a construction manager in building construction, but now he maintains Egin-Heinisch's buildings. Of course, he is also responsible for maintenance, the closing functions of doors, the cranes, cars, and finally the maintenance of the oil separators. Everything must run smoothly, must not produce dirt, and is thus an important support for the demanding work at SPINDELDOCTOR.
White floors are rather unusual in workshops and factories. At SPINDELDOCTOR, they are almost clinically clean – part of the quality management at Egin-Heinisch.
Dutch-born Jeroen Rensen has long since made Naumburg his home, enjoys the landscape and the view from Weidelsburg Castle, and likes to take photographs.