How important is a functional cooling?

How important a functioning cooling system is is not only noticeable in the car in summer temperatures, but also in our motor spindles. We experience again and again such pictures and are really astonished. What should have worked on this engine cooling system?
The cooling flange, which is surrounded by the cooling medium, is completely clogged by bacterial residues and corrosion. The fact that here no active cooling of the spindle motor can have happened is obvious to us at first sight.
But what would have happened to the cooling unit? The cause is very simple: wrong coolant, wrong mixing ratio or simply unsteady water. Effect? Catastrophic! Bearing damage due to degreasing. Shaft growth and heavy load on the spindle kinematics. #warranty #maintenance #maintenance #cooling #fluid #maintanance #spindlerepaire #Spindle #eginheinisch #spindledoctor