The sausage is on us!

The sausage is on us! We want to do something about social distancing. 

Therefore the SPINDELDOCTOR donates 100 barbeque packages for its customers and companies in "emotional" need. 

Our motto: Instead of corona frustration better lust for life! ❤️ Enjoy naturally with the right distance! 

But let's face it, aren't you tired of it too? Mumbled faces, team meetings on the phone, Skype cuddling and plague 'conversations? Together with the best country butchers from Northern Hesse and the Warburger brewery we offer the delicious barbecue bucket free of charge together with our best "barbecue wishes" for teams and companies in emotional distress. 

How good it feels and how nice it is to meet the colleagues (even with the stupid mask) again, we will show you in the next photo series. 

To everyone out there, if you can hear us. "The biggest team is called #Germany and it plays today!" We are now accepting team applications for emotionally starved companies under 0049 (0) 5625 9210148.

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