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The future belongs to electric motors and the present already belongs to them. More than 100 years ago, numerous vehicles were already on the road with electric drives and even today, this technology has proven to be particularly environmentally friendly. In the vehicles of Tesla and Co. as well as in numerous machines, the motors run on electricity and ensure a clean energy supply. Forecasts are predicting a significant increase in the field of electrical technology. We at SPINDELDOCTOR have been offering you our in-house electric motor service for motor spindles of all kinds since May 2020.
New department since 2020: Electric motor winding
We attach great importance to the topic of electric motor winding and have set up a separate department for this purpose. Its head, Mr. Calvin Schwering, has a team of trained electrical engineers with more than 15 years of experience in this field. In addition, we have updated ourselves with regard to all necessary equipment and are able to wind stators of synchronous as well as asynchronous, so-called AC/DC drives. We are able to renew a wide range of sizes and power ratings, from diameters between 20mm and 1.5m, as used in power plant turbines, and power ratings from 0.5 kW to 250 kW.
Our range of services for motor windings starts with the measurement of the winding on receipt, followed by the possibility of construction the laminated core, the full potting of the stator housing and the final winding test with impulse voltage.
We already perform around ten windings per month – and the trend is rising. In other words: we are ready to start and are taking a step towards an electrical future.
Our investments – machinery expanded
Electric motor windings are an important matter for us. For this reason, we have invested and work with, among other things, an automatic winding machine from Schleich and an insulation folding machine of the Rotafix type. We also use a motor furnace and a BMR laser cutting machine in our work. We know that in the coming years more and more emphasis will be placed on electric motors and are expanding our range of services in a targeted manner – not only for spindle repair and our work in the machine tool sector.
Numerous advantages: Low cost, fast, high quality
If an electric motor is rewound during a spindle repair, our customers benefit in several ways. Because we do not outsource, transport routes are eliminated and we are not dependent on additional work. This is faster and of course a good deal cheaper. Our working time is three days for a new winding. In addition, we monitor the complete repair and rebuilding process of the winding directly in relation to your motor spindle. If the winding is defective in the course of a spindle repair, rewinding is included, but we are happy to offer this service separately – for example, if an electric motor is defective.
When it comes to your electric motor – Any questions?
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