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In our download archive we offer publications, work aids and other helpful information, among others as PDF files. For viewing and printing you may need the free program Adobe Reader.

Chief physician treatment for your spindle

Our new Spindeldoctor Home service has been in existence since 2015. In the heart of Europe, we have been working within 2,700 square metres with 100 employees towards our customers’ success. Together we can draw on over 600 years of professional experience, over 22 years of experience in the customer service of machine tools, and expertise of in excess of 2,500 repaired spindles.

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Spindle maintenance – don’t give downtime a chance

At Spindeldoctor we are delighted to carryout the regular maintenance of your spindle. This means you won’t face any nasty surprises and you will have a machine that runs like clock-work.

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Maintenance plan for milling and drilling spindles

Keep an eye on the most important maintenance tasks for your milling and drilling spindles. Just download and attach to the machine.

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Our tungsten carbide technique

Although the knowledge has existed for more than a hundred years, the spindle manufacturers seem to ignore the possibility of hardening with tungsten carbide. The spindledoctor comes up with a remedy and increases the hardness of a spindle‘s cone. The advantage lies in less abrasion and a longer service life of the spindle. Of course our technique is extensively proven in practice – with a remarkable success.

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