Corona – our care package for you!

Corona is a pain in the neck! For you and for us! Still, we have to face the situation – for the benefit of our staff and our valued customers. The primary goal is to maintain health, which is achieved throughout a series of actions and close coordination with our Corona-consultant Dr. Ingo Gehlhaar. To inform you as good as possible, we set up an information hotline. Our motto: only the unknown frightens us and all our knowledge can be translated into effective actions.

To cope with Corona we have created a special Spindeldoctor care package for you.
Together we are strong and master the crisis in the following areas:

Protection of your production

You lack of capacity for maintenance? We get it done with our service teams and repair capacity, which you can tap into at any time and certainly during every weekend.

Spare parts

You need to produce parts and meet deadlines? In that case use our production capacities and outsource. We are able to turn, mill, drill and grind. Complex components between 50 and 5.000 millimetres will be processed exactly – at highspeed.

Logistics and supply

If you have to deliver and are discontent with shipping companies and closed borders, speak to us. We provide you with the advantages of an own transport service and a complex and proven logistic. Around the clock and at every day of the year.

Exchange spindles

Our exchange spindle porfolio has increased by 85 percent due to Corona. We have the suitable spindle for you and deliver within 24 hours. Be assured, that we have „your“ spindle as well.

Prolonged term of payment

We secure your liquidity. All services which are booked from now on, can be paid within 60 or 90 days in close consultation with you and in exceptional cases. In some situations we also accept payment by instalments and present ourselves always as fair business partners.


We have intensively dealed with the subject Corona and look forward to helping you. Answers concerning your production, the correct order of necessary steps and information about disinfection and how to deal with required forms – all that can be found at our house.

Get in touch

We are happy to take your request.
Your contact person is Dr. Ingo Gehlhaar

Phone: +49 5625-9210606