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Spindle repair

The on-site-spindle repair

The Spindeldoctor comes to you. Meant here is our new service: the on-site-spindle repair with which we combine aspects of speed, transparency and the test run under real circumstances to obtain a top-product. You have questions? In that case we provide you with appropriate answers.


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Spindle repair

What means
on-site-spindle repair?

According to the naming, we carry out our on-site-spindle repair at your place. This is possible by letting the spindle axis inside the machine in avoidance of a removal. The advantage lies in more quickness and a more focused work as well. More over, we save you the demanding process of transportation which takes several days, because of the object of repair remaining in the machine.

Spindle repair


  • Removal and installation of the spindle or bearing shaft
  • Removal and installation of the clamping system (exchange clamping system or collet / clamping set as required)
  • Removal and installation of the rotary feedthrough
  • Removal and installation of the hollow clamping cylinder and the seals
  • Exchange of spindle or axial angular contact ball bearings
  • Balancing in the installed state
  • Grinding spindle / cone in installed condition according to customer requirements
  • Checking the spindle motor (measuring the spindle winding)
  • Exchange cable / plug / sensor
  • Exchange rotary encoder

Spindle repair

How fast is the
on-site-spindle repair?

Generally speaking we are able to carry out the on-site-spindle repair within six days. In practical terms that means, that a defect motor spindle will work after this period. The reason for this quickness lies in the missing of transportation time, which in its own right takes up several days. With our on-site-spindle repair we are even faster than the manufacturers with their expensive exchange spindles.

Spindle repair

On-site-spindle repair
and transparency

An additional important aspect lies in the transparency we offer with our on-site-spindle repair. You take a look over the Spindeldoctor‘s shoulder and get involved in the repair process from A to Z. Your questions will be answered instantly by our experts at your place.

Spindle repair

On-site-spindle repair
is custom work

Apropos transparency: certainly all the testing takes place in your presence. The special advantage lies in the fact, that every single components of the machine are perfectly harmonized with each another. The operating conditions are real so that the results don‘t come „from the lab“ but rather from real life. The result of the repair can be proven directly at your workpiece. You may determine what we do and what we don‘t do because in the field of spindle repair it‘s not about doing everything which is theoretically possible but rather doing the right things.

Spindle repair

A maximum of control

In a nutshell we provide you a maximum of control with our on-site-spindle repair. Of course we can talk about additional measures at your place as for example an optimization of lifetime and performance of your spindle. We act quick and offer you a perfect solution. The technical requirements grow constantly. For this reason our on-site-spindle repair will be implemented only by technicians with an experience of 10 years or more.

Spindeldoctor‘s on-site-spindle repair is a worldwide service and an effective means against machine downtime. We repair where you are and where your problem needs to be solved. And we are not satisfied until our customer is fully pleased with our work.

Take a look at our customer‘s stories and the succesful work with customers from nearly every European country as well as Australia.

Spindle repair

Get in touch

The experts will gladly discuss with you personally what advantages the on-site spindle repair offers. To arrange an individual consultation, simply select a date for a consultation by telephone – our experts will call you at the selected appointment. Of course, the request can also be sent to us without a desired date. Our experts will contact you and make an appointment with you.

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