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Black Boy One

The new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One is your alternative to the bearing-free POPP OFF Unit.

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Alternative for your rotary union

With the new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One, you can replace the traditional rotary unions and enjoy the following benefits:

  • closed slip ring seal, thus extremely low
  • process-related leaks
  • stationary ring with LaserLift™
  • more flexible machining options
  • tried and tested technology with 1000s of pieces of field experience

With the new design and the unique technology of the ceramic sealing surfaces, our BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One offers significant benefits compared to the standard rotary joints of other manufacturers. The use of the honeycomb structures on the standing slip ring causes swirls of air, which forman air cushion. These air cushions enable dry running up to maximum speed and also enable dry air to be charged under rotation.

The Laserlift™ technology used allows for more flexible application. It is therefore possible to machine without setting the machining beforehand. In addition, the lifetime of the rotary union is enhanced by the materials’ emergency running feature.



Save € 222 when replacing your old rotary union

Save € 222 now when replacing your old rotary union. Simply send us your old rotary union within 14 days after the replacement of your old rotary union by our BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One under the keyword “exchange”. We will then refund you immediately € 222 per exchanged rotary union on the price of our BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One.

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Senior Sales & Customer Service

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