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Black Boy Two

With our new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two, we are creating the all-round alternative to the compact series of rotary transmissions.

The BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two is a universal rotary drive that is fully compatible with the conventional products

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Black Boy Two

The BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two can easily be used under difficult coolant conditions up to 32,000 rpm with cooling lubricant, cutting oil, MMS and without any medium. When charging with dry air, it can be run at up to 5 bar and 10,000 rpm.

The compact rotary transmission, with a fitting height of 107.5 mm comes either with an axial or radial connection, depending on the machine and the environment.
The double-bearing rotary transmission offers the user the following special benefits compared to conventional alternatives:

  • solid aluminium enclosure for heat dissipation
  • fitting height of no more than 107.5 mm
  • ceramic sealing surfaces
  • coolant pressures up to 80 bar
  • air pressures up to 5 bar
  • improved service life conditions
  • top-quality processing
  • for dry run, suitable up to 10,000 rpm
  • wide-range precision roller bearings
  • additional labyrinth seal to protect the roller bearing
  • low temperature and heat development

With the new design and the unique ceramic technology, the BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two offers significant benefits compared to the standard rotary joints of other manufacturers.

The Laserlift™ technology used allows for more flexible application. It is therefore possible to machine without setting the machining beforehand. In addition, the lifetime of the rotary transmission is enhanced by the materials’ emergency running feature.

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