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Anywhere you plane, chips will fall. With our BLACK LABEL SERIES Powerfilter, you can avoid unnecessary chip formation and protect your machine against abrasion (wear caused by scraping) and premature failure in the rotary unions. The operation of our system corresponds to that of the cartridge filter. There is also the advantage of a replaceable bag which fills up and acts as a filter unit.

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Abrasion from chip formation

Fine chips are particularly noticeable in the machining of scaled materials like grey cast iron, brass, aluminium or plastic. Over time they develop an abrasive effect, which reaches the rotary joint and the pumping system via the cooling lubricant. This ends up clogging the coolant channels and also narrows the line cross sections. In this way, the sealing surfaces of the rotary passage can fail and block the leakage drain holes. In short, damages occur, leading to unnecessary costs.



The BLACK LABEL SERIES Powerfilter is flexible and can be turned in any direction. The 400-millimetre-long enclosure is made of aluminium, is fixed on both sides with covers and sealed with 0-rings. The diameter is 65 millimetres. The hose spout in the cover can also be rotated through 360 degrees, allowing the filter to be opened and changed quickly and easily. The grade of the filter can also be adjusted between 50 and five μ (mu).

One particular advantage of the BLACK LABEL SERIES Powerfilter is its versatility. This allows the slim system to be fitted on any CNC machine and even integrated at a later date. In this way, the machine is sustainably protected, and spindle damage and unplanned breakdowns become a thing of the past.


The benefits

The Spindeldoctor BLACK LABEL SERIES Powerfilters features a host of benefits. These include:

  • rapid assembly and availability
  • bag system with large volume
  • bag can be quickly changed in a few minutes
  • protection against spindle damage and unplanned breakdowns
  • protection against abrasion and contamination of coolant
  • resistance up to a pressure of 25 bar
  • low follow-up costs with changeable bag system

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