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A.Tripet SA


A.Tripet SA
Längfeldweg 107
-2504 Bienne
A.Tripet SA is a Swiss company renowned for its precision grinding machines and tooling solutions. Here’s a concise history and background:

A.Tripet SA was established in 1906 by Gustave Tripet in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Initially, the company focused on producing precision grinding machines for the watchmaking industry, capitalizing on Switzerland’s strong tradition of horology.

Tripet quickly gained recognition for the exceptional precision and quality of its grinding machines. The company’s expertise in this niche market led to its expansion beyond watchmaking into other industries requiring high-precision machining.

Over the years, Tripet continued to innovate, developing new grinding technologies and expanding its product range to serve a broader customer base. The company’s machines became synonymous with accuracy, reliability, and durability, earning Tripet a reputation as a leader in the field of precision grinding.

In 2007, A.Tripet SA was acquired by the Swiss company Peter Wolters AG, which itself was part of the global technology group, Lapmaster Wolters. This acquisition enabled Tripet to leverage the resources and expertise of a larger organization while retaining its identity and commitment to excellence.

Today, A.Tripet SA continues to design and manufacture high-precision grinding machines for a variety of industries, maintaining its position as a trusted provider of advanced machining solutions worldwide.

Wolfgang Heinisch

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