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Ascent Aerospace Systems
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Ascent Aerospace Systems is a leading provider of aerospace manufacturing and automation solutions. Established in 2013, Ascent Aerospace Systems was formed through the merger of two prominent aerospace companies: Global Tooling Systems and Odyssey Industries. The merger brought together their respective expertise in aerospace tooling, automation, and factory integration.


Global Tooling Systems, founded in 1998, specialized in designing and manufacturing aerospace tooling solutions for aircraft assembly, including fixtures, molds, and other precision components. Odyssey Industries, established in 1976, focused on automation systems and robotic integration for aerospace manufacturing processes.


The merger of these two companies created a powerhouse in the aerospace industry, combining decades of experience and technical know-how to offer comprehensive solutions for aerospace manufacturers worldwide.


Ascent Aerospace Systems has since expanded its capabilities to provide turnkey manufacturing solutions, including advanced automation, assembly line integration, and factory optimization services. The company serves a diverse range of customers in the aerospace and defense sectors, including commercial aircraft manufacturers, military contractors, and space exploration companies.


With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Ascent Aerospace Systems continues to push the boundaries of aerospace manufacturing technology. Through strategic partnerships and investments in research and development, the company remains at the forefront of the industry, helping to shape the future of aerospace manufacturing.

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