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Bavius Technologie GmbH


Bavius Technologie GmbH
Eisenbahnstraße 17
-88255 Baienfurt
Bavius Technologie GmbH is a company that has been at the forefront of manufacturing highly productive 5-axis CNC machining centers for high-speed milling of large structural parts and profiles for over 40 years. Formerly known as Handtmann A-Punkt Automation until 2017, Bavius Technologie combines technical innovation with a commitment to quality. Here are some key points about Bavius Technologie:

HBZ® Horizontal Machining Centers: These machines offer precision and versatility for various machining tasks.

PBZ® Profile Machining Centers: Designed specifically for profile machining.

AeroCell 160 and AeroCell 200: High-speed milling solutions for aerospace components.

Bavius Technologie exports its machines worldwide, serving industries such as aerospace, extrusion, facade construction, and more.

The company provides comprehensive service and support, ensuring maximum productivity for its customers.

Bavius Technologie aims for transparency, innovation, sustainability, and shared success based on unique products.

Wolfgang Heinisch

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