Belotti S.P.A.


Belotti S.P.A.
Via Don Bosco, 12
-24040 Suisio

Belotti S.P.A. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance multi-axis CNC machining centers and waterjet and ultrasonic cutting systems for different industries.

Belotti produces state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, including 5-axis high-speed centers designed for machining composites and light alloys. These centers are ideal for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Belotti provides tailored solutions for various application sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, checking fixtures, design and furniture, energy and building, marine, medical, packaging, patterns and molds, railway, and thermoforming.

Belotti’s commitment extends beyond the purchase of their machining centers. They offer comprehensive services throughout the entire service life of their machines, ensuring maximum operating efficiency.

Belotti has collaborated with companies like KS Composites, Kestrel Technologies, Modula Industry, and SCHUBERTH helmets to deliver precision, innovation, and excellence in CNC machining.

In summary, Belotti S.P.A. is a trusted name in the world of CNC machining centers and cutting systems.


Wolfgang Heinisch

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