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The EMAG Group as a Spindle Manufacturer

The company EMAG has been in existence since 1867, originally founded as an iron foundry and machine factory in Bautzen, Saxony. It was rebranded in 1952 in Baden-Württemberg, with a relocation to its current headquarters in Salach in 1969.

Since then, EMAG has been manufacturing automatic lathes, CNC turning cells, production systems, as well as VSC machines. Today, EMAG is known for both turning and gear cutting machines, as well as grinding machines, machining centers, and a variety of other machine tools and systems. The range of technologies is vast, and EMAG is highly developed in the field of Industry 4.0.

In 2018, EMAG employed nearly 3,200 employees and had 34 market companies, branches, or service and sales points. The annual revenue reached 673 million euros, with an export share of 75 percent.

The Spindeldoctor as Your Competent EMAG Partner

At Spindeldoctor, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of EMAG spindles and machines. Their uniqueness lies in their size, which we can handle effortlessly with existing cranes with load capacities of up to 15 tons. Thanks to our spacious assembly and manufacturing halls, we are also equipped to work on spindle units weighing more than two tons.

Our work includes both proper and expert repairs and the execution of rework. We manufacture spindle shafts in our own factory, and chrome-plating of bearing seats is also part of our service spectrum. We are also capable of producing individual components up to a size of 1.50 meters and maintain a stock of all common bearing types, sealing systems, encoders, and winding housings.

Which EMAG Spindles and Machines are Repaired?

The Spindeldoctor’s service spectrum is extensive. We specialize in the repair of main spindles for VSC machines VSC 200, VSC 250, VSC 300, VSC 350, VSC 400, VSC 450, and VSC 500, which operate as turning motor spindles with a flanged release cylinder and a vertically mounted chuck or workpiece holder. We have developed considerable expertise in repairing such spindles, not only in bearing replacement but also in adjusting the hydrostatic ring of the lip seal with the cylinder itself. We also overhaul EMAG cylinders and perform chrome-plating. The subsequent grinding is done within minimal tolerances and with the highest precision in the range of a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Overhauling EMAG Spindles

Another area of expertise for the Spindeldoctor is the overhaul of EMAG spindles. Grinding and chrome-plating to under or oversize, as well as regrinding to the finished size, are carried out directly in our factory. This minimizes waiting times and provides a fast service for both hydrostatic rings and housings.

Comprehensive Concept

Our approach to EMAG spindles and machines is holistic. We place great emphasis on analyzing weaknesses and addressing them. For example, we have identified cylinder wear, leakage of hydrostatic oil from the unit, and undersupply due to insufficient motor cooling as common issues. A major cause lies in the lack of control and maintenance of the water-glycol cooling of the motor, a situation we can easily rectify.

What Sets Intact EMAG Spindles Apart?

EMAG’s uniqueness lies in the combination of turning, milling, and grinding within a single product. The solutions are interlinked and connected, covering an incredibly broad spectrum. Such innovative solutions naturally require corresponding service solutions, which are provided by Spindeldoctor.

Structure of an EMAG Spindle

EMAG has been building its spindle units and boxes in-house for a long time, using motors, windings, as well as bearings and clamping units from well-known manufacturers in the machine tool industry. Bearing sizes reach up to 230 millimeters in diameter, and the tonnages go up to 2,900 kilograms. Typically, EMAG spindles we deal with are electric drive spindles that were assembled directly by EMAG.

Testing EMAG Spindles

At Spindeldoctor, we have the capability to thoroughly test EMAG spindles and run them controlled for hours in our factory. Before the spindle is reinstalled in your machine, we analyze the results and only consider the job done when they meet the strictest specifications.

EMAG Express Repairs in a Few Days

In our collaboration with Volkswagen, we have proven that EMAG spindles can be repaired as part of an express service. We required three to six days for this, contingent upon prior clarification of the scope of repair and the spindle’s technical conditions.

Installation and Removal as Additional Service

Taking care of the installation and removal of the EMAG spindle on-site is a given, as is providing worldwide service.

Replacement Spindles from the EMAG Program

In our replacement spindle pool, a variety of EMAG spindles can be found. With our VL units, we cover a range of machines and complement our portfolio with units for VSC Duo 250, 300, 350, 400, and 450 machines.

Thanks to sophisticated logistics, the spindles are ready for you within 24 hours or can be installed directly on-site. Our commitment is to provide a replacement spindle for just one euro more than the cost of a repair, thus enabling economic continued operation without interruptions.

Wolfgang Heinisch

We are happy to provide you with the appropriate motor spindle for your machine or repair your defective machine. Just give us a call.

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