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CyTec or CyTec cylinder technology GmbH has existed since 1984. The company is based in Jülich and, according to its own information, stands for “Components Excellence”, i.e. the production of excellent components (for mechanical engineering). The name CyTec is an abbreviation of Cylinder Technology, which describes one of the company’s main focuses. At the beginning it was a proven specialist and patent holder for locking cylinders, although other products have now also been added to the portfolio.

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CyTec is a second-generation family business and employs around 250 people. What started small has now grown into a group of companies that also includes the company Edel Werkzeugmaschinen as well as the automation technology specialist Geiger Handling and a contract manufacturer based in Hungary. 

CyTec not only produces numerous components for mechanical engineering, but also offers a global repair service. The work is certified according to ISO 9001 and direct on-site support exists in many countries. A CyTec maintenance case is also offered and there are maintenance kits as well as the option of express delivery of original spare parts. 

CyTec also became known as a patent holder for directly driven milling head technology. The first two-axis NC milling heads came from this company and were introduced as today’s standard in 2002. 

History of the manufacturer

If you like, CyTec can be described as a classic “garage company”. The first steps were taken in an old school building in Bourheim. Behind it was Klaus Dieter Klement, a mechanical engineering student at the time, who quickly developed his locking cylinder to series production and really took off. The founding of CyTec in 1984 was followed by the move into a new building in the Koslar district of Jülich in 1989. 

Little by little, further components from mechanical engineering and metal processing were added and CyTec became a supplier for tool making but also mold and model making as well as companies in the automotive, aerospace and aerospace industries. 

Since 2014, Timo Klement, the son of the company founder who died early, has been steering the company’s fortunes. 

What products does CyTec offer?

The CyTec company is based in cylinder technology as well as in the areas of clamping technology and the production of motor spindles. Milling heads and rotary tables are also offered. CyTec builds entire machines under the Edel name, with the majority of the components coming from CyTec. In general, the Jülich company is characterized by a high degree of vertical integration, which is stated at 98 percent. 

In cylinder technology, CyTec stands primarily for the CyLock locking cylinders as well as the CyPull, CyStop and CyBlock product lines. This always refers to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. 

CyTec also stands for clamping technology and clamping systems that are used in different areas and which also include clamping bolts and clamping locks. The manufacturer’s milling heads are offered under the product name CyMill and are one or two-axis and those who choose CyTurn receive rotary tables in the one- or two-axis range with direct drive. 

CyTec also pays particular attention to the production of modular motor spindles. 

Where are CyTec products manufactured?

CyTec production takes place primarily at the Jülich-Koslar location. The capacities here have been expanded again and again, but this also applies to the Edel and Geiger Handling locations. What is certain is that CyTec is always “made in Germany”. 

Which spindle does CyTec work with?

CyTec produces its own spindles that have a modular structure. Thanks to the modular system, the spindles can be adapted precisely to the needs of the user and work individually. The short design is characteristic. The power density of CyTec spindles is enormous and they work with synchronous motors within a power range of eight to 76 kW. Because planetary gears are also used, maximum torques of up to 1,150 Nm can be achieved. 

Special features are the spindles for friction stir welding and thus the production of weld seams in aluminum connections.

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