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Via Schiaffino 11/19
-20158 Milano
Goliath CNC is a company known for developing innovative robotic machining solutions for the woodworking, metalworking, and other industries. Founded in Italy in 2014 by Lorenzo Frangi and Alessandro Trifoni, Goliath CNC emerged from their vision to create a portable, user-friendly CNC machine that could bring digital fabrication capabilities to a wider audience.

The company gained significant attention with its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2017, where it raised over $2.5 million, far exceeding its initial goal. This success demonstrated the strong interest and demand for Goliath CNC’s innovative approach to CNC machining.

Goliath CNC’s flagship product is the “Goliath CNC” machine, a portable robotic CNC router capable of cutting a variety of materials with precision and accuracy. Unlike traditional CNC machines, Goliath CNC operates on the ground, allowing it to work on large workpieces without size limitations. The machine uses innovative sensors and software algorithms to ensure precise positioning and cutting, making it suitable for both professional and hobbyist users.

Since its founding, Goliath CNC has continued to refine and improve its technology, expanding its customer base globally. The company’s mission is to democratize CNC machining by making it more accessible, affordable, and easy to use for makers, craftsmen, and small businesses around the world.

Wolfgang Heinisch

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