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On 1st July,1965,the company’s founder of She Hong Industrial Co.,Ltd.Mr. Chen Chien-Chih,headed to United States for visiting and learning at machining industry’s design as well as the manufacturing knowledge and process of United States.At that time,the biggest manufactory named Bridgeport,who produced conventional milling machine and the factory was located in Bridgeport City,the state of Connecticut.It means that Bridgeport Company named itself by using the city’s name.
When Mr.Chen Chien-Chih came back to Taiwan,he devoted most of time himself,dedicated to the machining technology and made great effort on the research. Although it was not an easy path for Mr.Chen,he understood,that there is no shortcut to success.Finally,Mr.Chen produced the first Bridgeport Type milling machine himself in Taiwan and he swore to build up a larger business than Bridgeport Company in the future.Due to the capital town of the state of Connecticut is “Hartford City”,Mr.Chen decided to take it as the brand of She-Hong Industrial Co.,Ltd.In other words,it shows the great aspiration to create a larger business than Bridgeport Company in the future.This is the history of Hartford brand.
After striving for 50 years,the scale of She-Hong Industry has already far surpassed Bridgeport Company. Hartford now not only becomes the biggest machining center company in Taiwan,but also Taiwan’s biggest CNC machine tools exporter. What’s more?Hartford is the World’s leading brand in CNC machining center industry.And now,Hartford is ready for the next 50 years.

Wolfgang Heinisch

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