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GF Machining Solutions is a globally operating company specializing in the development and manufacturing of precision machinery for metalworking. Mikron is a brand that belongs to GF Machining Solutions and focuses on the production of high-precision machining centers and milling machines.

Here are some general details about GF Machining Solutions and its Mikron product lines:

Mikron Milling Machines: Mikron offers a wide range of milling machines suitable for various applications in metalworking. These machines are characterized by precision, efficiency, and advanced technologies.

High-Speed Machining Centers: Mikron is renowned for its high-speed machining centers designed specifically for the precise machining of workpieces at high speeds. These machines are ideal for manufacturing complex parts in various industrial sectors.

Automation Solutions: GF Machining Solutions also provides automation solutions to optimize the production process and increase efficiency. This may include the integration of robots, pallet systems, and other automated components.

Electroerosion (EDM) Machines: In addition to milling machines, GF Machining Solutions specializes in the development of electroerosion machines. These machines use EDM technology for the precise machining of electrically conductive materials.

Services and Training: The company not only offers machines but also provides services such as maintenance, training, and support to ensure that customers get the most out of their Mikron machines.

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