Machine tool service provider doubles capacity

Black Label Series HSK63 Clamping System

Perfectly coordinated materials and the improvement of the properties enable a longer service life and an improved clamping force as well as less tool wear in the course of your production!

Black Label Series Encoder system

Tired of the constant expense of spindle repairs and maintenance? Then look forward to an intelligent and inexpensive solution: the clever conversion of your encoder system.

Black Label Series BlackBoy II

With our new BLACK BOY II we are creating the all-round alternative for the rotary unions of the compact series.

Black Label Series Powerfilter

For a longer service life


Catalog Deublin Rotary units

For machine tools, machining centers and transfer lines

Good, better, Spindeldoctor

Your individual checklist for evaluation the quality of your spindle repair service. Are you really well looked after? Or can you go a little bit further? Find out and don’t settle for too little service!

Questionnaire on the coronavirus COVID-19

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Track your spindle

Why ask when all information is available in real time? “Track your spindle” is our future oriented tracking tool and gives you an insight into our work

Maintenance plan

for milling and drilling spindle

Spindle repair inquiry

Download the spindle repair request form in PDF format and send us the completed form conveniently by email, fax or by post.