EGIN-HEINISCH GmbH & Co. KG, based in Naumburg in northern Hesse, is a global supplier of machine tools. The focus here is on the maintenance and repair of machine tools and their components.

Under the brand name Der Spindeldoctor, EGIN-HEINISCH GmbH & Co. KG established itself as the market leader for the manufacturer-independent repair of motor spindles. In recent years, other services have been developed that ideally expand this competence.

To meet the challenges, the area of the headquarters was almost doubled by 2019 and now houses the spindle doctor for the areas EH Factory, EH Service Company and EH

We are happy to give you an insight into EGIN-HEINISCH, our structure and our partners who work worldwide to quickly and efficiently solve your machine and spindle problems.


Our company consists of four parts: Der Spindeldoctor, EH ServiceCompany, EH Factory and EH Spindelshop24.


Success requires planning and orderly hands. But success also requires passion and visions from our management.


More than the sum of its parts. EGIN-HEINISCH means teamwork. Within the company and with each other.

Home of Spindle repair

Welcome to our headquarters in Naumburg in Northern Hesse.
We do our best every day on almost 5,000 m² to offer you the best possible service for your machinery. Around 120 employees quickly help with machine and spindle failures or support our customers with individual measures.

From the procurement of spare parts to the optimization of motor spindles and machines to component production, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services for individual and fast solutions.

Our customers include large international groups as well as medium-sized companies around the world. Our focus is on repair and service around motor spindles.

Mission & Vision

We live and love spindles and machines. Our work is our passion. And that 365 days a year. Our vision is machines that work optimally. We work on this every day and develop creative solutions.

Jobs & Career

We continue to grow. We are looking for both trainees and experienced employees. Be successful with us.



Social Responsibility

Our economic success and growth also increase our responsibility for people and the environment. 



Would you like to learn more?

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and show you how you can benefit from working with the spindle doctor.