Electric motor winding

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In our in-house departments for electric motors we offer the winding of stators with diameters from 20 to 1500 mm and power ratings from 0.5 to 250 kW.

You can rely on the usual high quality and the experienced team of the spindle doctor.

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Measuring the winding

Construction the laminated core

Measuring the winding

Construction the laminated core

Full potting of the stator housing

Winding test with impulse voltage

Full potting of the stator housing

Winding test with impulse voltage


If an electric motor is rewound during a spindle repair, our customers benefit in several ways.

Because we do not outsource, transport routes are eliminated and we are not dependent on additional work. This is faster and of course a good deal cheaper. Our working time is three days for a new winding.

In addition, we monitor the complete repair and rebuilding process of the winding directly in relation to your motor spindle. If the winding is defective in the course of a spindle repair, rewinding is included, but we are happy to offer this service separately – for example, if an electric motor is defective.


Electric motor windings are an important matter for us. For this reason, we have invested and work with, among other things, an automatic winding machine from Schleich and an insulation folding machine of the Rotafix type. We also use a motor furnace and a BMR laser cutting machine in our work. We know that in the coming years more and more emphasis will be placed on electric motors and are expanding our range of services in a targeted manner – not only for spindle repair and our work in the machine tool sector.

We would be pleased to show you the advantages and possibilities in a personal conversation. We are looking forward to your winding order.

Good to know.

The most important facts about electric motor winding at a glance. We would be pleased to answer your questions in a personal conversation.

We are able to rewind stators of synchronous as well as asynchronous drives, so-called AC/DC drives, and thus cover motor spindles of all well-known spindle manufacturers.

However, we are explicitly not limited to electric motors in motor spindles.

In the Spindeldoctor winding shop we rewind stators with a diameter of 20 to 1500 mm, such as those used in power plant turbines.

We are also prepared for power ratings from 0.5 to 250 kW and renew them for you.

A new winding should always be considered if the motor spindle is already under repair or overhaul.

Whether a new winding is advisable must be decided in each individual case. We would be pleased to determine this for you in the course of the initial diagnosis and advise you.

The cost of a winding depends on the motor spindle type. They vary greatly depending on the type and size. Our consultants will be pleased to prepare a non-binding quotation for winding the electric motor of your motor spindle type.

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