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Improvements for your spindle

Extend the life of your spindle effectively and at the same time reduce the maintenance
and repair costs with the new BLACK LABEL SERIES from the Spindeldoctor.

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Individual and efficient

More than 8,000 spindle repairs already carried out speak for themselves. But for a long time now we are no longer satisfied with the repair alone. Based on the experience gained from more than 8,000 spindle repairs, we have created effective solutions to counter known weaknesses and at the same time to increase the service life of your spindles. A positive side effect: with our solutions you reduce the costs for maintenance and repair.

Curious? Then contact us. We are happy to show you the advantages of our optimization solutions and make you a non-binding offer.

HSK 63 Tensioning system

The loss of tension is one of the most common reasons for failure. High time to do something about it. The BLACK LABEL SERIES HSK 63 Tensioning system extends the life of your spindle. Sustainable and with an ingeniously simple approach. You will be convinced!

Encoder system

Fed up with constantly spending money on spindle repairs and maintenance? Then you can look forward to a smart, costeffective solution: our BLACK LABEL SERIES encoder system


Anywhere you plane, chips will fall. With our BLACK LABEL SERIES Powerfilter, you can avoid unnecessary chip formation and protect your machine against abrasion (wear caused by scraping) and premature failure in the rotary unions. The operation of our system corresponds to that of the cartridge filter. There is also the advantage of a replaceable bag which fills up and acts as a filter unit.

Black Boy One

The new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One is your alternative to the bearing-free POPP OFF Unit. With the new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy One, you can replace the traditional rotary unions and enjoy the following benefits:

Black Boy Two

With our new BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two, we are creating the all-round alternative to the compact series of rotary transmissions. The BLACK LABEL SERIES Black Boy Two is a universal rotary drive that is fully compatible with the conventional products.