Let’s tackle it – we are in the same boat!

I'm sick of hearing it! Stop whining and start facing reality.

Now it is time to go new ways together and to master the difficult time together. EGIN-HEINISCH will continue to be there for customers and our fellow human beings during this time.

We have therefore optimized our services and offer not only a free consultation by our experienced colleague Dr. Ingo Gehlhaar (how do I deal with the situation, what precautions do I take) available on our hotline 05625 9210606, but also adapted the company services to the situation:

Spindle emergency service, special financing with 0 percent interest for 2 months, service work on the machines now standing.

We take over logistics close supply chains and produce spare parts for our customers within 24 hours.

We are there where our customers need us!

Let's recognize together the chance of these times. LET US TACKLE IT!