Use the production capacity from EH FACTORY

Are you afraid of production losses due to machine downtime? In that case use our machines. EH Factory will support you in times of Corona and serves you as an extended workbench. What does that mean? Quite simply, that we process orders on your behalf and according to your requirements – on time for individual components and/or small series.

To keep you going strong
You wish to produce but are not able to? In that case use our services in the manufacturing of individual parts and small series:

  • shaft processing up to 1.500 millimeters
  • cases up to 500 millimeters
  • cones and drillings
  • grinding between 50 up to 1.500 millimeters, cylindrically and inside
  • turning of parts between 700 x 6.000 millimeters
  • laser welding

Our machine park is large, our capacities will be sufficient. We produce single components as well as small series whenever you need us. Bring your production sample and we will measure and (re)produce it – without a sketch and in high precision and quality. For us, a precision of 0,002 millimeters is a matter of course.

Quick and on time
At the moment there are no closed borders for our company. Our service teams have obtained entry permits to nearly all European countries which allows us to work for your company wherever you want. The same applies to the supply of parts and therefore our whole logistics. When it comes to payment we present ourselves as a fair and reliable partner or to put it into other words: we will find a solution.

When it comes to your company
In that case don‘t hesitate to contact us. Whatever the subject is, Dr. Ingo Gelhaar and Wolfgang Heinisch would love to hear from you.


or WhatsApp 0049 5625 921024