Social Responsibility

Our diverse commitment to social responsibility.

Relieve hardship - help people

We at Egin-Heinisch came up with something special this year and chose the Brothers Church in Kassel for Christmas Day 2. Together with 100 families and people in need, the workforce of the company Egin-Heinisch and that of a few friendly regional companies celebrate Christmas.

Helping is better than arguing

Being right? Asserting personal interests? Dealing with hassle? All of that we strive to avoid at Spindeldoctor. Our motto: Helping instead of arguing!

What´s it all about? In the first place we talk about incidental warranty cases. The situation is not always clear and we do not see ourselves in a clear guarantee obligation. On the other hand we feel the duty to a gesture of goodwill. That is why we are starting a special action.

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