Installing and removing spindles

With most repair work, the vertically or horizontally positioned spindle must be removed from the machine tool. In doing so, it is critical that installation or removal work is only carried out once the machine has been released for this and that safety measures are complied with.  The oil and coolant lines are disconnected first and reconnected last.
If it is necessary to ship the spindle, ensure that all open connections for lubrication and sealing air are sealed by suitable means. This prevents the ingress of foreign objects and moisture, which could damage the sensitive precision bearing. Shipping should be carried out only in closed crates in which the spindles are firmly chocked as a matter of principle.  A spindle is a high-precision and sensitive key component of a machine tool. It should therefore always be handled with the greatest care.
Written commissioning guidelines are provided with the spindle by the spindle manufacturer. These commissioning instructions contain the information regarding the electrical parameters to be set for the frequency converter.  Furthermore, information regarding the quantity of coolant, lubrication and volume of air is also included.   It is essential that the spindle manufacturer's instructions are complied with because deviation from these will result in the loss of the warranty as well as a shorter service life. Before use in production, a grease distribution run or an extensive running in phase for the oil-air system must be taken into account.


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