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AXYZ Automation Inc.


AXYZ Automation Inc.
5330 South Service Road
-L7L 5L1 Burlington, ON

AXYZ Automation Inc. is a global leader in CNC router machines and knife systems. With over 30 years of router experience, they have built and installed thousands of CNC router machines across diverse industries. Here are some of their tailored router solutions

AXYZ Automation Inc. offers a compact footprint and industrial quality for precision cutting tasks.

The Infinite CNC router machine is the most configurable on the market today, allowing customization to meet specific manufacturing needs.

AXYZ is the global leader in cladding production, providing efficient solutions for cladding materials.

Purpose-built for metal fabrication, the Metalworker CNC router ensures accuracy and reliability.

The Woodworker is an all-in-one woodworking CNC solution, ideal for carpentry and woodworking applications.

Designed to process the widest range of materials, the Trident CNC router is versatile and adaptable.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and product excellence makes AXYZ Automation a trusted choice for CNC router solutions.


Wolfgang Heinisch

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