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Danobat – Overbeck
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 3
-35745 Herborn

Overbeck is a 100-year-old German company specialising in internal, external, and radius grinding

Leaders in high precision machining

The experience of machining hard metal-ceramic parts, bearings, spindles, gears, and forming tools, among others, gives us solid know-how to develop high precision solutions for many other materials and workpieces.

One of the most robust grinding machines

Decades later, Overbeck machines still achieve the same levels of precision as on the first day.

Made in Germany

Danobat Overbeck strategically located in Herborn, Germany, in the heart of Europe. It can react to all sales, production and service requirements quickly.

Danobat Overbeck grinds every type of application: heavy, small, non-round, you name it…

Overbeck machines do almost anything you need: they run internal, external, radius, non-round and eccentric operations. 

And much more

4 specialised internal grinding machines

For 24/7 production requirements

For large dimension workpieces

For applications that need radius grinding

For short cycle times with simultaneous OD & ID

Powerful software developed by our grinding experts

The cycles and functions of the DoGrind+ software are specific to internal grinding machines

Machining processes with ready-to-use standard cycles, including non-round, thread and jig grinding


Wolfgang Heinisch

We are happy to provide you with the appropriate motor spindle for your machine or repair your defective machine. Just give us a call.

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